a proactive leader
to the community.

My core belief is that civic engagement is the foundation of good government, which is why I’m running for Houston City Council District H.

I will work every day with the community to make a difference in the lives of each resident, and I pledge to provide the proactive representation that District H deserves.


The Issues

See what I believe in and how I will work to represent District H on Houston City Council.

Meet Isabel

Check out my story and where I’ve invested my time in our community.

Campaign Promises

On this campaign I am committed to promoting District H while holding true to progressive values.

Join our campaign!

This is a campaign based on people-power and showing up in community. We can’t do it without you.

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Make a Contribution

Our campaign is dedicated to using our resources to talk directly to the residents and voters of District H. And though we're running a grassroots campaign powered by volunteers, buying yard signs and push cards adds up. Plus, while the volunteers power the campaign, we have to power them up with pizza!


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(713) 724-1394